Monday, May 11, 2009

How Do I Tell You I Love You?

Stop. Inhale. Exhale. Go. Why yes, we are together.
It's the moments like these I'll cherish
forever. You made my breath stop with that glorious green
hidden in your eyes. As you smile, the shimmer
grows. My heart is faltering. Fancy that. You're so beautiful!
When I'm with you my heart is complete.

Like yin and yang, we are both part of one. We need the other to be complete.
I swear, when I'm with you the world stops. When we're together
the universe pauses and holds its breath in suspense. It's beautiful,
isn't it? Everything that is you is cherished
by everything that is me. I'm hypnotized by the shimmering
life force you release. The green

of life is the green
of your eyes. It's amazing how your eyes and your smile completely
aroused my slumbering heart fro the shimmering
depths of death. Deceptive, no? But when we're together
my heart beats every lost beat, cherishing
the wonderful, blissful, beautiful

moment when I see you. You really are beautiful.
You have a green
thumb, only it tantalized my love to grow. I cherish
you, this feeling, this joy, because it makes me complete.
I'm amazed by how we're bound together.
These tears that shimmer

on my face shimmer
dimly in comparison with your beautiful
self. The sense of togetherness
we have is amazing. That hint of green
seen as a spark of life is only the beginning of our love. Once completed,
well, will it ever be? Our love grows endlessly, cherished

and cared for by both you and me. I cherish
you and you cherish me, too. The sun is but a shimmer
of light in comparison to you completing
me. We have such an amazing beauty
that even gods have to do a double take. Green?
It is the color for you and I together.

I cherish you and your beautiful
self. I still falter in breath as I see the shimmering green
of your eyes. Without each other we aren't complete. We belong together.

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