Sunday, December 7, 2008

As a Side Note

Just so that you don't freak out thinking that I just wrote all of these poems today, know that I've been writing them since around October, I've just failed epically at posting them. I finally sat down and actually typed them up. Hope you like. =]

Let's Play

Dealing with death
Is a dangerous game;
Fun to play,
But unlikely to win.
The stakes are high,
But the rewards are
To win would be
Starting over.
To lose would be
The end of everything.
Come play if you like,
But know the price
Of this dangerous game
You chose to play.


Bleeding through unseeing eyes
Tear streaked lines
Fall down the iced face
It cannot feel
It can only wait
As the tides of time
Erase it from life


Fighting against the flow,
swimming upstream,
why am I still fighting?

I'm losing needed strength;
can I let go?
I'm tired of fighting.

I'm drowning in a sea of life,
losing the will to live.
I'm blinded by the dark water.

What is the point of staying here
when I am kept under,
never again to breathe the air?

My heart, my lungs, living in endless pain,
my strength is faltering again.
The cover that blinds is bound to my soul.

I want to keep going, to keep fighting,
but my body can't keep it up.
My mind is clouding as I stay under.

My heart beat is slowing,
my strength is gone,
and I fall into sleep.


Slumbering is my broken heart
Never shall it be whole again
Never to be found again.
My bliss is nothing more
Than a faded memory
Having left me to die