Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trapped in a Torture Chamber Part I

I'm dead. I just don't know it yet. Everything is black. I can't feel. I can't move. I must be dead. I don't understand. What happened? Was I sleeping? I don't remember. What do I remember? Uhg, what is this fog? Why do I feel like I'm swimming in molasses? Thinking shouldn't be so difficult. Maybe it's not molasses, maybe it's tar. Or solidifyng cement. Why can't I remember?

Car? Driving? Was I driving? School. I was at school. I can't think. Class, then nothing. At least there's no pain. But I'm trapped in this nothingness. If this is death I've been screwed. It's not much better than life. Just a load of nothing deep within a sea of nothing. Fuck.

Aw shit! What the hell is that?! Sound? Dammit, I'm not dead! But I can't speak. I can't move. Why can I hear? Is that - - is that someone...crying? Who would be crying in my ocean of black? Certainly not me; I can't move or speak or breathe or feel. Uhg. All this effort to drift in this nightmare. Fuck it. Blackness, take me home.

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