Friday, December 18, 2009


Sleeping dreams trapped in memory
Without the inclination of ever moving forward
But shall never look back
The truth of words exists
But to mind them at all is open admittance
That soon you shall fall.

Unkept secrets cause the falter
The stumble, the mistake, the cause
To cause the end and watch it all
Falling flames to the ground
Shattering, scattering, dispersed.

Blinded by shock and fear
Forgetful or not, try as you will
Is all you can feel
For hurt is all that's left to feel
Just broken, unable to heal.

Just imagine the severity
If feeling were to return
The trauma of mental stability shattered
And any sense of hope or faith or love vanishes
Divulged in no one as the pain eats away,
Devouring from the inside.

Gone. Silence. Nothing. Empty.
A hollow casing of what you once were
Tragedy of misery
Left alone to suffer no more
Just fade into nothingness,
A pitiful existence.

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