Monday, March 23, 2009

Love Can Change Everything

All of me is filled with joy
rooted deep within my heart.
Ic an feel it burning
with the fiery passion
I ahve for you. This smile
won't leave my face. Can I share?

I know that you and I share.
Our joy
is contageous. Yet still I smile.
I'm elated - my heart
isn't broken. Your passion
set me free. Though I burn,

I don't mind, for I burn
for you. The feeling is shared
and all know of our passion.
I'm joyous.
And why not? My heart
belongs to you. So I smile.

Who wouldn't? Smiling
is the best way the world can see my burning
in it's desire for you. I want to share
the feeling with everyone because joy
alongside passion

can change the world. The passion
is overwhelming. So I smile
and the joy
spreads. The burn
is beyond my heart, having been shared
with you and others alike. My heart

beats strong and in tune to the sound of your heat.
We've sparked life to the world with our passion
that is shared
between us. The world is all smiles
we started with our burning,
fiery joy.

It's the feeling in my heart that makes me smile,
it's the passion that makes me burn,
and by sharing it we've shown the world joy.