Monday, September 29, 2008

A Tragic Epitaph on Love's Lullaby

To be in my shadow
-is lonely.
But is it even mine?
My shadow and yours
Were once joined as one,
But now we're apart.
I gave you my heart.
You still have a piece
-did you know?-
I've replaced that piece
With something new
But I know
The original still exists
-away from me-
I'm now stuck wondering
If maybe it went both ways,
Or did you take yours back?
I've moved on
But a part of me will always
Love you
It makes me sad
To think I lost you.
You were my life, my love,
my friend.
I don't know where we stand now.
I don't know where we're going.
But in the end,
I hope the most
That we can still be friends.

1 comment:

Lynsie said...

thats all i can really say is wow
i think i need to invent a word that describes how truly amazing this poem is....
i'm going to get to work on that.