Monday, June 30, 2008

The Crimson Death

There, upon your head, a drop of sunshine
trickles down your solemn face. I see that quiet explosion
behind your eye, yes, that silent laughter
that created the tears.
Your soul is cleansing itself with a revelation of crimson
and gold.

I can see that fleck of gold
reflecting in your eye like a pool of sunshine
ready and waiting for someone to see. You cannot hide behind your crimson
mask for long. Soon, very soon, the explosion
will reveal you in invisible tears.
This is where the laughter

lies. Your hatred for the world drips off your tongue in bitter sweet laughter,
melting the world before you as molten gold
would press upon us. How many tears
have slid down your face in anguish for what the man who "loved" you did? Sunshine
doesn't exist for you now, only the never-ending explosion
of chaos running through those crimson

vessels. The disturbing pleasure those crimson
pools caused you, the traces of laughter
still on your face, no one knew of that silenced explosion
for you hid it well in a cast of gold.
The betraying sunshine
has left you to suffocate in an empty universe of tears.

I remember when the tears
fell, the hurt that was scrawled in crimson
letters of death across a mirror where sunshine
masked the tragedy. The laughter
and care-free view of life as gold
would only die in the explosion

erupting from you. All that remains from the explosion
are the tears,
falling down our faces faster than a river of gold.
I saw the crimson
rifts that tore apart your body. Here is where the laughter
died. I watch as the sunshine

vanishes. I can see the traces of the explosion lingering in your crimson
eyes. All the tears have dried with no trace of laughter
left. I've lost myself in a golden lie, for no longer is there sunshine.


Okay, it's severely depressing and I probably wouldn't have posted this one first except for the fact that it's the only poem that I've rewritten several times to get it absolutely perfect. I love this one, but I'm not sure if people understand what happened. Leave a comment for ideas on what you think happened because I have the vision in my head but I'm not sure if I was too vague in my writing for the audience to figure out what happened. All comments are greatly appreciated =]

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